Sand Sculpture and Ice Sculpture

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Charles Darwin Sand Sculpture Jamie Wardley Bradford
  • Charles Darwin Sand Sculpture Jamie Wardley Bradford

    Charles Darwin

    Jamie making Charles Dawrin sand sculpture in his home town of Bradford, West Yorkshire, 2009. Photo by Roger Moody

  • Charles Darwin Sand Carving Jamie Wardley Bradford

    Charles Darwin

    Carved by Jamie Wardley and Nicola Wood.

  • Mary Baby Jesus Ice Carving

    Mary and Baby Jesus

    This sculpture was carved live in the Halifax Piece Hall as part of their ice sculpture trail in 2009. The scupture was 2.m tall

  • Angel Ice Sculpture

    Ice Angel

    The ice angel was one of six sculptures on the ice sculpture trail in Halifax 2009.

  • Mothers Day Sand Drawing blackpool Jamie Wardley

    Mothers Day

    A sand drawing made for mothers day on Blackpool Beach 2009.

  • Mayan Temple Sand Sculpture portugal fiesa Jamie Wardley

    Mayan Temple

    Jamie's largest sand sculpture made with Jennifer de Wit at the Fiesa festival in Portugal 2005.

  • Painter Ice carving leiden holland rembrandt Jamie Wardley

    Painting Rembrandt

    This was made as part of the Rembrandt ice sculpture festival in Leiden, Holland.

  • Gollum Sand art belgium hollywood Jamie Wardley


    Made as part of the Hollywood Sand Sculpture Festival in Belgium. Sculpted by Jamie Wardley and Brian Turnborough.
  • Child Bear Ice carving Trail Halifax Jamie Wardley

    Dancing with my Teddy Bear

    One of six sculptures made for the Halifax Ice Sculpture Trail 2008. Photo by Thomas Wood

  • Darth Vadar 1 Sand raking

    Billy was getting ready for climate change

    A sand drawing measuring 40x60 meters made in Tynemouth 2008 by the team from Yorkshire. Photo by Thomas Wood

  • Darth Vadar 2 Sand Drawing

    Billy was getting ready for climate change

    A sand drawing measuring 40x60 meters made in Tynemouth 2008 by the team of Yorkshire. Photo by Thomas Wood

  • Jamie Ice Hotel kemi finland Jamie Wardley

    The towers of the ice hotel

    Jamie making the relief image on the entrance towers of the ice hotel.

  • Leo Kitchen Sand art austria Jamie Wardley
    As part of a sand art festival celebrating the Austrian children's book Leo
  • Big Ben London Sand carving Jamie Wardley Vienna

    Big Ben

    Jamie Finishing the Big Ben Sand carving in Vienna 2007

  • Mayan Priest Ice carving berlin germany Jamie Wardley

    Mayan Priest

    An ice sculpture made for the lost worlds Ice sculpture festival in Berlin.

  • John Wayne Sand art finland western Jamie Wardley

    John Wayne

    Part of the Wild Wild West Sand Art Festival in Laapenranta, Finland

  • Kracken mermaid Sand Sculpture national marine aquarium plymouth

    The Kraken

    A sand carving commissioned by the National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth, UK, 2008

  • Scarlet Sand statue national marine aquarium


    The mermaid from the Kracken sand carving for the National Marine Aquairium.

  • London Zoo Sand Sculpture whipsnade cheetahs

    London Zoo Cheetah Sculpture

    The sand carving was commissioned to help promote the North African Cheetah project at London Zoo, Whipsnade 2008

  • Dancing Harmony Sand carving portugal fiesa

    Dancing in Harmony

    One of Jamie's first sand sculptures, made in the first Fiesa festival in Portugal 2003
  • Walk Of Life Ice art vaasa finland competition

    Walk of Life

    Jamie's first ice carving with Kai Törmikoski which one first prise in the International Ice Contest, Vaasa, Finland.

  • Ruby Sand Drawing mark yates St Annes


    Our first Sand Painting, directed by Jamie Wardley and designed by the painter Mark Yates

  • Face Sand Sculpture Jamie Wardley

    Demonstration Art

    A one day sand carving made in Donnington with accomplished painter and musician Mark Yates
  • Corporate Team Building Sand Art, Bournemouth

    Corporate Teambuilding

    We had a day in Bournemouth to teach 30 representatives how to build their sand castles before they were taken by the sea.
  • Golden Goose Halifax Ice Art Trail Jamie Wardley

    Goose and the Golden Egg

    One of six ice carvings from the Halifax Ice sculpture Trail 2008. Photo by Thomas Wood

  • Building Rome Sand art Brighton Jamie Wardley

    Building Rome

    Part of the Rome Sand Sculpture Festival in Brighton

  • Restaurant Snow castlel kemi finland

    The Ice Hotel Restaurant

    Made by the Frostiart team in Kemi Finland

  • Brighton BBC Sand Artist Jamie Wardley

    The BBC

    The BBC interviewing Jamie during the Brighton festival.
  • Incas Sand Sculpture belgium

    The Plight of the Incas

    As part of the South America sand art festival in Blankenburg, Belgium 2003

  • FHM Sand carving Bournemouth Tara Reid


    A sand sculpture made by Jamie for FHM magazine in Bournemouth.
  • Firemen Sand art travenmund germany Jamie Wardley

    Holding the hose

    Part of a sand sculpture scene showing the firemen putting out a building. Travenmund Germany.
  • Gaia Sand Art portugal Jamie Wardley


    A section taken from a Greek Mythology sand carving scene. Portugal.
  • Brazillian Carnival Sand Art Jamie Wardley

    Brazillian Carnival

    An abstract sand sculpture by Jamie to illustrate the Brasillian Carnival. Belgium
  • Wicked Step Mother Ice art germany cinderella Jamie Wardley

    Cinderella's wicked Step Mother

    Made for the Fairytales Ice Sculpture Festival Bremen, Germany.

  • Normans Sand Sculpture belgium cartoon Jamie Wardley

    Invasion of the Normans

    A cartoonesque sand carving of the Norman invasion of Brugge, Belgium. Hosted in the said city.

  • Sand carving Workshop london zoo

    London Zoo Sand Sculpture Workshops

    In addition to the sculpture, London Zoo commissioned Sandinyoureye to train their staff in how to give workshops to visitors.

  • Dance Music Ice carving Vaasa Jamie Wardley

    Dance Music

    Competition entry by Jamie and Rae Kettle for the Vaasa World Ice sculpture Championship, 2004 in Finland

Charles Darwin Sand Sculpture Jamie Wardley Bradford


Sandinyoureye can help you realise images that only existed in your imagination with magical sand sculptures and ice sculptures, and with gigantic sand drawings. Use our unique ephemeral art forms for creative communication in promotion and branding, or for the simple pursuit of entertainment and art.

Have a shovel full of fun yourself by taking a tool in hand with our sand sculpture workshops, sand drawing workshops and team building activities; we shouldn't be the only ones who get to have all the fun!

On the 21st September 2013 it is International Peace Day and we will be doing a sand drawing called The Fallen where we will make 9000 silhoutes of the beach of Arromanches in France to show what that number of lives lost looks like. For more information and to take part please visit:

Jamie Wardley



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